We think about tech, so you can focus on making delicious things.

We make hardware and software, and provide services to producers, OEMs, and systems integrators in the food & beverage industry.

We’re engineers and designers with a deep respect for the food and beverage ecosystem.

This all started by applying the tools we were using in our day jobs to make ways to monitor our own brewing operations. It seemed crazy that as consumers we could control lights, speakers, cameras, and locks from our smartphones—but our production equipment still relied on expensive SCADA systems and HMIs that looked like they were from the Netscape-era.

We realized that there were better, cheaper, easier ways to provide scalable, business-grade automation, delivered with a user experience that anybody can set up themselves, designed to be actually delightful to use. We’ve been working on it ever since.

We use engineering, design, and deep expertise in industrial automation, cloud software, IoT, and AI to help accelerate the use of smart technologies for efficiency gains. We work specifically in the food and beverage industry because making efficiency gains here means being more environmentally sustainable. It’s good for businesses, and for the planet. We think it’s a win-win.

Custom engineering and systems integration services

Your world works better when it’s all connected—let us help make it happen. We offer systems integration, engineering, and design services for business, in addition to our off-the-shelf products.

For Producers

In addition to our off-the-shelf hardware and software, we can make custom IoT devices and custom cloud software that integrates your existing systems, or builds something completely new.

For OEMs

We make our software and firmware solutions available as a white label solution, and as an integration platform. We can also help you transition to IoT or help with your software and firmware.

Let’s Chat

For questions about our products, inquiries into our services, or just to chat about what we’re up to—we’d love to hear from you.

Fill out this form to send us a note and we’ll be in touch.

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