Cloud Dashboard

Run your production more efficiently.

The easiest plug-in remote monitoring and control solution—so you know what’s happening from anywhere, 24/7.

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The efficiency benefits of the industrial IoT,
from a plug-and-play solution you deploy yourself:

Increase output

Use automation and scheduling tools to ensure that you’re using your existing equipment at full capacity before expanding.

Lower costs

Learn from your data to make the same product in potentially less time; while saving on energy and raw materials.

Improve quality

Track data for every batch against recipe targets for better QA and R&D. Get alerts if production is outside normal range.

Reduce loss

Alert so you know when a batch is going wrong so you can fix it before it’s too late and schedule automations to reduce human error.

The brains behind our devices, and much more:

Remote Monitoring

Know what’s happening wherever you are, 24/7.

Connect devices for real-time monitoring that’s easy to use on any of your screens.

Notifications, Alerts, and Timers

Real peace-of-mind is not thinking about conditions until the moment you need to.

Our smart notifications keep you on track, so manual readings, missed targets, and unsafe conditions become a thing of the past.

Create notifications for you and your team.
Send via text or email so anyone can receive them without needing to download an app.

Condition-based Alerts
Time-based Reminders

Historical Log

A complete digitial facility log keeps you informed and protected.

Use it for QA, compliance, and more.

Analytics, Visualized

Seeing production data can help you spot trends, issues, and areas for efficiency gains.

Digital HACCP & Compliance Logging

Don’t worry about manual readings—ensure compliance with automatic logging with reports for any time range.

Remote Control

Now you can be in two places at once.

Add remote control to your existing equipment so you can stay on top of operations from anywhere.

Pre-heat your mash water from bed

Adjust that fermenter from the road

Cold crash at the weekend BBQ

“Trust” that the intern got it right

Add compatible devices to your existing equipment, like our Temperature Controller.

The Temperature Controller touchscreen lets you operate from your facility with the same interface you see in Cloud Dashboard.

It automatically connects to Cloud Dashboard so you can operate it from anywhere using your phone or computer.

It also automatically keeps track of historical activity, control states, and sensor data.

You can the use the Temperature Controller to cool, heat, or switch between the two with auto mode.

More control devices like pumps, motors, and valves are coming soon.

But you can add your own IoT or PLC devices sooner with our integrations and open API. Contact us to learn more.

And while Remote control is pretty cool… it’s even better when you can just set it to run itself with automations.


Automate the boring parts—don't replace your craft.

Easy-to-create automations ensure that you keep your quality high and your schedule on track while giving you time back in your day.

Schedule it

Set a timer to pre-heat your mash or automate multi-step mashes, fermentations, distilling runs, and more.

Save a repeated recipe or SOP

Program a repetitive day once and re-use it whenever you need it.

Keep it safe and high quality

Use condition-based automations to keep your operations safe and product quality high.

Facility Digitial Twin

A “digitial twin” of your facility keeps it all in sync.

When you can visualize what’s happening, your team stays more organized and efficient.


Create a simple model of your faciltiy with our library of equipment so you and your team can visualize equipment utilization and status.

Maintenance Records

With devices assigned to equipment, we can track usage cycles and suggest preventative maintenance for your existing equipment.

Batch & Schedule

Record your batches for a historical record, track progress, and schedule future batches to understand and improve your facility utilization.

Tech should help when you need it, and then get out of your way.

That’s why we focus on making the experience easy from first purchase to everyday workflow.

Flexible & Modular

Start simple and add devices and features as you need them. Scale up and down as needed.

Grows with you

Start simple and add devices and features as you need them. Scale up and down as needed.

No contracts

No contracts, ever. Pay monthly (or yearly for a discount) and cancel by clicking a button.

A real team player

Designed for collaboration with the sharing and permissions you expect.


It actually looks good and it’s easy to use. You deserve it.

For all screens

It works beautifully on any screen size from phone to huge wall display.

Online and secure

Nothing to download and always up-to-date, like you expect from modern software.