Remote IoT
Temperature Controller +

Add remote control, 24/7 monitoring, and smart automation to your existing heating and cooling systems.



Packs a lot into a small package

Upgrade your existing equipment for a fraction of the cost and none of the complexity of installing traditional PLCs.

Industrial PID controller

Modern “panel display”

Remote monitoring & control

Advanced automation

Data logging & trend recorder

Smart notifications

Touchscreen Controls

Heat and cool is the tip of the iceberg

Use a modern, clear display with obvious controls, smart alerts, historical trends, and notifications built in.

Cool mode is useful for fermenters, brite tanks, and more. Works like a smart thermostat to regulate temperature efficiently with tuneable PID loops.

Heat mode is useful for mash tuns, boil kettles, stills, and more. Set auto failsafe modes to keep your team safe, quality high, and extend the life of your equipment.

Alerts are prominent and easy to see from across the room, plus they use Cloud Dashboard to send SMS, email, or push notifications to you and your team.

Notifications & reminders are easily added on your phone or computer with Cloud Dashboard, and then prominently visible on the facility floor and sent to your team.

Automations allow you to control heating and cooling changes that follow a pre-build schedule or recipe. Learn more below.

Range mode allows you to switch between heat and cool modes to maintain a temperature within a wide range, specifying the most efficient active states for both heating and cooling operations.

Data history is automatically captured and sent to your Cloud Dashboard account so you can monitor batch health and maintain records for compliance.

Batches are easily added via Cloud Dashboard and can be used to display progress and keep your whole team up-to-date about next steps, right from the production floor.

Plus, everything on the touchscreen is automatically mirrored in your pocket.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Now you can be in two places at once.

The Temperature Controller automatically connects to our Cloud Dashboard so you can operate it from anywhere using your phone or computer.

Pre-heat your mash water from bed

Adjust that fermenter from the road

Cold crash at the weekend BBQ

“Trust” that the intern got it right


Save time and improve quality with automations

Easy-to-create automations give you time back in your day, keep your production schedule on track, and drive repeatable high quality.

Schedule it

Pre-heat and run multi-step mashes, fermentations, distilling runs, and more.

Save a repeated recipe or SOP

Program a repetitive day once and re-use it whenever you need it.

Keep it safe and high quality

Use condition-based automations to keep your operations safe and product quality high.


Don’t worry about conditions until the moment you need to.

Create notifications for you and your team. Send via text or email so anyone can receive them without needing to download an app.


Easy to install on your own
(and we're here to help)

Designed to work seamlessly with standard systems, so you can swap it in on your own.

Use it anywhere you’d use a traditional temperature PID controller.

Swap out your existing temperature PID controller for a smarter replacement that connects to your Wifi for remote control and monitoring.

Break free from the control panel for easy expansions

Instead of a control panel on the other side of your facility, place our controller exactly where you want to control heating and cooling operations.

Designed for flexible, easy installations.

Connect what you need, place where you want.

1. Power

The device is powered by the existing wires that you use to control your heating or cooling system.

2. Cooling output

Connect the cooling out—this is usually a solenoid valve on a glycol system. (Optional)

3. Heating output

Connect the heating out—this is usually a relay that controls your heating element. (Optional)

4. Temperature sensor

It’s designed to work with standard Pt100 RTD temperature sensors.

Durable housing

4.5" wide x 3.25" tall x 2.875" deep. Heat, chemical, and splash tolerant ABS enclosure.

Flexible mounting

With a flexible mounting slot, the mounting bracket can be attached to a wall, pipe, section of strut, or just about anything else.


Reserve today, pay when we ship

We build all of our devices to your specifications to ensure it works with your equipment.

Tell us what you want to use it for and we’ll reach out to confirm details. Shipments start in September 2020 in order of reservation. Currently about 4 week lead time.

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    From $399

    Early-bird pricing for current model—subject to change based on configuration.