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Temperature Sensors +

These sensors notify you exactly when you need to know, wherever you are, 24/7. Manual readings and missed targets are a thing of the past.

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Temperature control is critical at every level of food and beverage production. When you can’t automate it, our sensors are your assistant.

Our cloud-connected sensors are replacements for your existing thermometers, RTDs, and thermocouples that give you cost-effective remote monitoring, smart alerts, and digital accuracy, right out of the box.

Online Dashboard

Know what’s happening 24/7,
even if you’re not there.

Our sensors automatically connect to your wifi for a secure connection to our Cloud Dashboard platform—remote monitoring that you can setup yourself.

Custom Notifications

Peace-of-mind means not thinking about conditions until the moment you need to.

Create notifications for you and your team. Send via text or email so anyone can receive them without needing to download an app.

Analytics & Visualizations

Visualize process history.

Automatically collect historical data, so you can start to spot trends in your batches, or go back in time to see where something went wrong.

Analyze batches for trends

Save specific time periods as “batches” and relate those to “recipes” to spot QA trends over time.

Want to send batch data to another QA software? It’s easily exportable and available for real-time sync via our API.

Historical logs for compliance

Historical logs down to 10 second frequency for quality inspections—automatically secured and backed up in the cloud.

Data can be used as a HACCP log or exported to your existing program.

Secured and backed-up

Data is automatically logged on our secure servers for a complete record when needed for compliance.

Unlimited data logging with custom reading frequency requires a paid plan of our Cloud Dashboard software. You can also easy make exports that you can store offline.

Modular Construction

Built tough for the demands of working breweries and distilleries, flexible enough for lots of applications.

Flexible power input.

Low-power requiring 6-30v DC, meaning you can plug into the wall with a standard converter, or get power from your exsiting panel.

Tough plastic housing with bright numeric display.

Water-resistant housing that you can hose down for CIP operations. (Just don’t submerge it.)

Wifi or wired data transfer.

Our sensors connect to your facility wifi for the simplest installation. A wired version to connect to our temperature controller or your existing system is also available.

Connect to your existing ports.

Made-to-order stainless steel threaded, sanitary, and custom fittings are available to your exact specs.

Digitial sensors are super accurate right out of the box.

We use digital sensors that send an accurate signal ±0.1°C right from the source.

Better than RTDs or thermocouples

Use our sensors instead of analog products for hassle-free automation without worrying about the length of your cable run or where you’ll use the signal.

No calibration

Since they’re digital, they don’t need calibration—just plug in and you’re ready to go.

Easy Setup

10 minute installation and setup.

1. Plug in to equipment

Check our available connections to match your equipment and find the right connection.

2. Power up

Devices can be wired to existing panels or powered from a standard outlet with an optional 120v adapter.

3. Get it online

Follow the included directions to connect via wifi to the device and add it to your network.

4. Create a CP account

Login or create a Cloud Dashboard account for your facility to setup your remote dashboard.




Approximately 3" wide x 3" tall x 3" deep. Made from impact- and chemical-resistant ABS.


Connections: stainless steel threaded, sanitary, and custom fittings available.

Probe: stainless steel, available in various lengths to match thermowell.


4 digit, 7 segment LED


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible


Digital temperature sensor with ±0.1°C accuracy from -40°C to 100°C


Requirements: 6-30v DC

Software Requirements

You’ll need a free Connected Proof Cloud Dashboard account to use remote readings and notifications, but there's nothing to install—you can access the app on your web browser.


Included with device

  • 24 hour reading history
  • 1 minute frequency
  • In-app and push notifications


Free for early adopters* Starting at $5/mo

  • Full reading history
  • Configurable sub 1 minute frequency
  • SMS, email, in-app and push notifications

*Early adopter pricing applies to devices purchased during this term only.

We'll always try to keep the cost very reasonable—but we have to pay for cloud storage ourselves! Our future prices will lets us sustainably build our business and take care of the cloud maintenance for you. Still, if you want more history and don’t want to pay, you can easily export your data as you please!

In the box

  • One complete wifi temperature sensor device
    (as configured during order)
  • ID card with unique device wifi, secure pin, and setup details
  • Quickstart guide

Note that power units are not included since the device is designed to be used with existing wired systems. Standard outlet power converters can be purchased separately (and used to power multiple sensors).


Configure your sensor today, pay when we ship

We build all of our devices to your specifications to ensure you’re getting the best available option for your equipment.

Tell us how you want to use the sensor and we’ll reach out to confirm details. Current lead time is about 2-4 weeks from order confirmation.

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    From $99

    Early-bird pricing for current model—subject to change based on configuration.